Meet Trecie

Upon leaving the constraints of military look and appearance standards, Trecie began to explore beauty trends. For her, all things beauty was a relaxing and creative outlet, but nails always fascinated her. Trecie was not stranger to wearing nails, but being able to wear nail designs were now available with infinite possibilities.

But finding the right nail artist proved to be a new mission. Someone who could take her nail visions, her lifestyle, her nail needs and put them on 10 little canvases proved to be a challenge! Then one faithfully day, she met an amazing tech, who’s style of nail design peak Trecie’s interest! Several nail appointment girl talks, turned in to encouragement for Trecie to go to beauty school.

She always wondered:

I wonder if I could do nails, too?

I am creative but not this creative!

I should go to school!

Shortly there after, she then became licensed master cosmetology and is now Trecie - The Nail Therapist.

Trecie Nailz it looks to prove quality trendy nail services to woman of all backgrounds and life style. The goal is to create an enjoyable space that is relaxing, creative and empowering for both sides of the table.

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